Rosemary & Vine: Rye, NY


29 Purchase Street
Rye, NY 10580


Rosemary and Vine recently extended an invitation to me for a private dinner to unveil their new summer menu. The first thing you should know is how sweet the owners- Berj & Tania were as well as their consulting chef Erica Wides. They were all both warm and hospitable. The owners have put work into the space since taking it over and it is truly gorgeous. The second thing you should know is that patrons continuously flowed up the small steps to the entrance only to be very obviously disappointed when faced with the sign in the window which indicated that they were closed for a private event- proving to me this spot was likely a neighborhood favorite.

The third and final thing you should know is that it is a vegetarian restaurant. That’s right, vegetarian- some of you are rejoicing, some of you are pissed I tricked you into reading this far. As an omnivore I was initially really into my meatless options but I will admit at some point… I did begin to long for crispy pancetta, sausage or any other form of pork. I just really do like meat. However- if meat isn’t for you, you’re looking to try something different, or you think you might try your hand at meatless Monday next week then Rosemary and Vine may be just the right fit for you (also if your dairy or gluten free, or on a vegan diet.) Check out a sampling of the summer menu options below.



Gazpacho Blanco with cucumbers, grapes, garlic and almonds pureed & chilled. Into it.



L to R: family recipe hummus, avocado crostini, & babaganoush garnished with pomegranate seeds.



A selection of three flatbreads- the top one with caramelized onions was my fave.



Talkin’ filets with the truffle butter… just kidding- its summer vegetable pasta with truffle butter. It’s vegetarian, remember??



Pasta is just pretty. I love you, baby.



Tania’s family recipe falafel with hummus and pita.



Hummus on point.



The dark chocolate pudding with coconut milk was totally the Beyonce of this trio- sorry Kelly and whats her face (almond arborio rice pudding and warm chocolate cake.)

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