Atlantic Grill: New York, NY


1341 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10021

New York City’s Summer Restaurant Week is upon us! I have to be honest and admit that when this event has run in the past few years I have had some disappointing experiences. Restaurants often put little effort or creativity into this menu. Choices are limited. Menus are basically aimed at people who rarely leave the house and never venture into a dining establishment. In most cases I’d rather just pay full price and sample options offered on the everyday menu. Like Lil’ Kim says, “Money ain’t a thing- throw it out like rice.” Just kidding- I’m poor. So taking that into consideration I had to give restaurant week another try this year and randomly ended up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan at Atlantic Grill. It definitely had a different and refreshing approach to restaurant week in comparison to some of the other establishments I have visited. With that being said let me just make it clear that I am in no way, shape or form claiming to be a food critic. I am simply consumer- who does a lot of consuming.


The outdoor patios adorable light fixture game is on point. As you can see it’s also ideal for people watching which I love. Did you know many restaurants in Europe actually place their outdoor seats facing outwards toward the street so you can do exactly that? We all know you’re tired of still staring at your husband.



A gin, aperol, lemongrass and watermelon cocktail. I hate aperol but I dig this.



Just some cute plates. I like the design. It probably has a name but I’m not a designer I just eat a lot. So like I said… it’s cute.



Bigeye tuna tartare with avocado purée, hot sesame oil & crostini. It’s not bad but looks better than it tastes- needs more hot sesame oil to be suited to my liking. Wheres the spice? Disclaimer: this is not actually offered on the prix fixe menu but I just felt the need to order an additional appetizer because c’mon is three courses really enough? (Thats probably a big fat yes for normal people.)




Mostly out of view in the bottom left corner is the spicy salmon maki with tarragon and water chestnuts. It was my chosen appetizer from the prix fixe menu and possibly my favorite thing that I ate. Seriously… so good.



The grilled summer stone fruit salad with frisee, pickled mustard seed and burrata. The cheese perfectly cut the sweetness of the fruit. We would have loved more cheese but it wasn’t a burrata plate, it was a fruit plate… and a well executed one at that.



Pan roasted gulf red snapper served over market vegetable ribbons with tomato confit and a charred lemon sauce. I forgot to taste this but my friend gives it fairly good reviews. It’s appealing to the eyes at the very least- beautiful plating is a good start. What it probably did lack was a little extra flavor. A little more sauce maybe? Don’t be shy!



Black peppercorn crusted petit filet mignon with broccolini and honey roasted figs. The steak? To die for. The green stuff? Yeah, whatever. The figs? Pass that side of mashed potatoes- I’m a meat and potatoes girl.


That about covers everything we sampled last night. In addition to a satisfying meal we also enjoyed the ambiance of the patio seating, as well as the service. The restaurant became quite busy once work let out so I am definitely recommending a reservation. I think I am now converted and may make my way into another participating restaurant to enjoy the summer special. Restaurant week runs from July 25th-August 19th. Some places only offer lunch or dinner and some opt out on Saturday nights so make sure you take a look before you head somewhere and set yourself up for disappointment. Where are you interested in trying? Comment below!



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