Dinosaur Bar-B-Que: Harlem, NY

Eating, Food, Food Blog, Foodies

700 West 125th Street
New York, New York

I hit the town with the boy last Thursday and we had our eyes set on Dinosaur BBQ. No. Ok… you should know thats not who I am. Seriously, who talks like that? It was a friend. A girl. Not a girlfriend (contrary to popular belief.) I guess that might be kind of exciting too but I’m 27 and eternally single in relation to either sex so that wouldn’t make sense. Getting into those large plates of delectable meat… We had 7:30 reservations made easily through DinosaurBarbque.com which connects you to OpenTable.com. It’s great if you hate talking to people like I do. (Sorry I dodged you in Dunkin’ Donuts this morning.) I remember parking being a bitch years ago but this time we opted to park in the sketchy spot that may-not-be-a-spot-its-too-close-to-a-hydrant-but-fuck-it-we’re-starving and got away without a ticket. We were seated immediately. Because we made a reservation. Make a reservation. Please. You should really make them any time you know you are headed somewhere that accepts them but DEFINITELY at Dinosaur or YOU CAN AND WILL WAIT FOR HOURS. They are very busy. I warned you. Our server was friendly, informative, and made no mistakes. Toward the end of the meal he was running around and sort of missing in action while we were itching for the check, but I really can’t blame him because I get cranky and need to be put down for a nap after a good meal. There was a line dancing party going on in their upstairs event space which was definitely audible from the dining room. We had to ask the waiter what it was and he assured us it wasn’t N*SYNC. No shit dude, they broke up in 2002. I could see how the noise would be irritating but I kind of thought it added to the whole BBQ joint feel and from what I understand its not a recurring thing. Moving on to the food… we started out with fried green tomatoes sprinkled with pecorino-romano and served with a cayenne buttermilk ranch dipping sauce. The tomatoes were crispy and the dressing complimented them well. I went for the Tequila Smash to begin which is a combination of tequila, pineapple juice, ginger ale, and basil leaves. I’m glad I tried it but found myself downing it just to get it over with and try something else. It may also be possible that I just naturally down all of my drinks. Next up I had the Kentucky Wink, another mixed drink made with Buffalo Trace bourbon, St. Germaine, apple juice… and uh, something else. It was so good that I didn’t care what was in it. My friend went for the Dino Ape Hanger Pale Ale which was pretty mild and one of my favorite pale ales I’ve had to date. By now you can tell that I love to booze but… oh yeah, we came here to eat. It was time to chose an entree. This part of the meal always leads to the same problem every time, and everywhere, that I go to eat. I want to order everything. Really… Every. Thing. Libra’s are known to be terrible decision makers. Enter Trés Niños. The best choice that I made all night. A combination of beef brisket smothered in BBQ sauce & jalapeños, pork ribs, and pulled pork. All smoked in house. The meat was flavorful, tender and definitely served in a generous portion. This comes with two sides!? Fresh cut fries and roasted whipped sweet potatoes with spicy nut topping, please. Have I mentioned that I’m Irish? Don’t you know we only eat meat & potatoes?

*Dinosaur has 7 additional locations: Brooklyn, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo & Troy, NY as well as Stamford, CT & Newark, NJ.


Pictured, L to R: Brisket, Ribs & Pulled Pork (Trés Niños)

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